Peak Automations primary product is automated handling equipment for the semiconductor and electronics processing industry.  The majority of this equipment is used for semiconductor test handling and packaging.  All of our handlers are based on a standard platform that can be easily configured with integrated processes to exactly meet customer requirements.

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CUSTOM DESIGNED PRODUCTS USING PROVEN TECHNOLOGY:    Our custom products are designed with the sole purpose of meeting your requirements exactly.  We work closely with you to understand your unique specifications and  will provide unique, efficient, and cost effective solutions.

Where possible, proven technologies on standard platforms are used to reduce complexity, improve reliability, and shorten delivery time.  Whether you require a new design concept or modifications to existing equipment, Peak has the advanced technology and experience to provide a solution that is targeted to your needs.


Benefits of a targeted solution

Availability of features

A wide variety of automation needs can be met through the application of our diverse knowledge and experience.  Visit our Processes page.


Non-customized equipment sometimes compromises efficiency by trying to satisfy a broad market.  Our equipment design will target and maximize efficiency to meet the exact requirement of the customer.  No more, No less.


Non-customized equipment sometimes compromises performance by trying to satisfy a broad market.  Our equipment will target and maximize performance to meet the exact requirement of the customer.  No more, No less.


Customization gives you the ability to specify parts, processes, and training that match those already existing in your manufacturing operations.  Consider if a standard machine will require new training, and a new parts inventory.

Return On Investment

Equipment will be designed to meet only your needs and not those of a broad market, therefore you will use your budget more effectively, because you will be buying only what you need and not paying for extra features that you don’t need.


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